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Amazon Launches UK Food Delivery Service

Amazon Launches UK Food Delivery Service
Amazon has unveiled a new food delivery service in London for its Prime members.

(CCM) — Amazon has launched a restaurant food delivery service for its Prime customers in London, according to reports by Business Insider UK. Coined "Amazon Restaurants," the delivery service features 148 restaurants that will deliver to customers across several London postal codes who order food from them via the Prime Now app. The Prime Now app, which was launched in Seattle, Washington by Amazon in 2015, already gives Prime members in nine urban areas in the UK access to one- and two-hour delivery of over 15,000 products. Now, they can count top-quality restaurant delivery among their perks. "Based on our own research into what is important to consumers in food delivery, our team have [sic] hand-picked a selection of the best quality local restaurants in London. We’re excited to be helping many of these small businesses start offering home delivery for the very first time," said Al Wilkinson, UK head of Amazon Restaurants.

While the addition of restaurant delivery to deliverable products presents a tempting offer, Amazon is far from besting competition like UberEATS and Deliveroo due, in large part, to its hefty £79 per year — or £7.99 per month — price tag. (The others do not currently charge a membership fee.) It also currently lags behind target delivery times of its competitors, clocking in at an hour per delivery in comparison to the 30-minute goals of similar services.

Image: © Eric Broder Van Dyke - Shutterstock.com
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