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Sony Smart TVs Cut Off from YouTube

Sony Smart TVs Cut Off from YouTube
Older Sony Bravia models can no longer display YouTube videos due to changes to the way video is handled.

(CCM) — Changes to the way YouTube processes video footage mean that owners of 50 different models of Sony Bravia smart televisions will find that they can no longer access the service on their TV sets after Sept. 30, the BBC is reporting. Currently the televisions experience a blank screen and freezing, or an error message is displayed, and the video stops playing when owners attempt to watch a YouTube video, according to Sony. "The symptoms being experienced are not a failure of the TV, but are a result of specification changes made by YouTube. Due to the changes, Sony has decided to delete the new YouTube for TV icon from Bravia TVs," the company explained.

The affected Bravia smart televisions were manufactured in 2012, and the processing power needed to display YouTube since the changes were made exceeds the capability of the four-year-old televisions' hardware. The problem may be due to Google's recent decision to encrypt all internet connections to YouTube. Since encryption and decryption are processor-intensive tasks, it is likely that the computer hardware in the televisions is simply not fast enough. The removal of the app is not without precedent: earlier this year, Microsoft's Skype app was removed from many smart TVs after Microsoft ended support for the service on televisions.

Image: © Anton Watman - Shutterstock.com
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