Pokémon Go Plus Wristband to Hit Shelves

Pokémon Go Plus Wristband to Hit Shelves
The wearable device from the makers of Pokémon GO is set for a September debut.

(CCM) — Pokémon lovers are about to have their worlds rocked yet again: following the fanfare behind the July release of Pokémon GO, Niantic — the company responsible for the mobile game — has announced the release of a wearable wristband for gameplay. Called Pokémon GO Plus, the band is described by the company as "a companion device that connects to your phone over Bluetooth® Smart." While the release of the wristband was the subject of rumors for weeks now, the company has just confirmed that the device will be available at retailers in "most countries" on Sep. 16, reports Forbes.

The goal is to provide an alternate way for players to collect Pokémon in the augmented reality world of the game without having to have their faces glued to their screens. It will likely avoid the kind of incidents that were behind the company's addition to the game of a warning urging players to be conscious of their surroundings. It also secures Niantic a spot in the ever-growing wearable fitness device industry.

Image: © Niantic, Inc.