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Sony Launches 4K Cam with Stabilization

Sony Launches 4K Cam with Stabilization
New 4K and HD cams with built-in image stabilization are designed for capturing action without camera shake.

(CCM) — Sony's new line of point-of-view (POV) cameras have been designed to eliminate camera shake during even the most fast-paced sporting activities. The two new cameras unveiled today — the 4K FDR-X3000R and the HD HDR-AS300R — feature Sony's Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) image stabilization technology, which involves linking the camera's lens and sensor and moving them together to compensate for camera shake. This is particularly effective technology when paired with a POV action camera design, as it helps ensure that the captured video footage is smooth and stable — even at 4K resolution of very high-frame-rate shooting modes, the company claims.

The FDR-X3000R and HDR-AS300R cameras are both equipped with a Zeiss Tessar lens, a back-illuminated Exmore R CMOS sensor with large pixels designed for 16:9 aspect ratio video, plus a powerful BIONZ X process to help ensure that video quality remains consistently strong across all settings. Both cameras are supplied with a compact remote with its own screen, which allows users to see what is being recorded when the camera is not easily accessible. The remote has the ability to control various functions, including shooting settings, starting and stopping recording, and turning the camera off. Both cameras will be available in late September. The FDR-X3000R starts at $400, while the lower resolution FDR-X3000R starts at $300.

Image: © Sony.

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