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Microsoft Prepares to Ditch Lumia Phones

Paul Rubens - September 12, 2016 - 10:05 AM
Microsoft Prepares to Ditch Lumia Phones
Microsoft's Lumia smartphones will disappear from store shelves by the end of the year according to an anonymous source.

(CCM) — Microsoft is planning to a pull the rug from under its Lumia smartphone brand by taking it off sale by the end of the year, according to several internet reports quoting an anonymous source. Abandoning the Lumia platform would certainly seem to make sense for Microsoft given its poor reception in the market and the tiny market share that it has captured. Currently, there are just four Lumia models on the market and no new ones appear to be in the pipeline, with many retailers reportedly moving them from storefronts to bargain bins and offering big discounts. If Microsoft does drop the Lumia line, it will bring down the curtain on a disastrous project that started with the acquisition of Nokia and ended with mass layoffs and the loss of billions of dollars.

However, the end of Lumia might not mean the end for Microsoft's involvement in the smartphone business. Speculation is mounting that the company plans to launch a Surface Phone perhaps as early as next month at an event to announce a Surface All-in-One device. This speculation was fueled recently when Laura Butler, Microsoft's director of engineering, tweeted "Surface Phone is not NOT confirmed."

Image: © pio3 - Shutterstock.com
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