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Samsung Begs Users to Turn Off Note7s

Samsung Begs Users to Turn Off Note7s
Samsung wants users to stop using its exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones but has no plans to disable them remotely.

(CCM) — Samsung has stepped up its damage limitation exercise following the revelation that some if its Galaxy Note 7 phones may explode. Two days ago, the company issued a statement urging owners immediately to participate in its replacement program. "We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange them as soon as possible," DJ Koh, Samsung Electronics' president of mobile communications business, said in the statement. Contrary to some rumors, he did not announce plans to remotely lock all Galaxy Note 7 handsets after Sept 30. Although this might be an effective way of preventing potentially dangerous phones from being used and encouraging users to swap their phones, such a move would be unprecedented and would be likely to generate very negative publicity for the beleaguered phone maker.

Samsung has introduced new packaging that includes a sticker with a blue letter "S" on it to help customers identify new Galaxy Note 7s that are not affected by the battery issue. In total, approximately 2.5 million Note 7 handsets are likely to be at risk of exploding and will have to be replaced, and the issue has wiped more than $14 billion off of the value of the company's shares. Last week, three airlines banned passengers from using Galaxy Note 7 phones in their aircraft, and the Federal Aviation Administration has also warned against putting the devices in any aircraft's luggage hold.

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