Twitter's Tweet Limit May Go Next Week

Twitter's Tweet Limit May Go Next Week
The 140-character tweet limit that made Twitter a success may be consigned to the history books within days.

(CCM) — Twitter is planning to smash its 140-character tweet limit and allow users to send much longer tweets as early as next week, according to a Tech Times report. However, there is a catch. According to the report, users will still be subject to a 140-character limit, but usernames, media attachments, quotes, tweets, and contents will no longer count towards it. If the report is correct, then this would provide a way for Twitter to allow much longer tweets without completely abandoning the 140-character limit, which many users regard as Twitter's defining feature and which Twitter says provides "the unique brevity and speed that makes Twitter the best place for live commentary, connections, and conversations."

Twitter announced in late May that these sorts of changes were in the pipeline to provide developers with adequate time to make any necessary changes to the hundreds of thousands of products that are built using Twitter's APIs. But at the time, no exact date when the changes would come in to effect was provided. Twitter is evolving rapidly, and last month the company unveiled plans to make it easier for contributors to make money from the content they tweet.

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