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A Wire for Apple's Wireless Headphones

A Wire for Apple's Wireless Headphones
Apple's wireless headphones have yet to hit the market, but there's already a wire to connect them.

(CCM) — At its Sept. 7 event, Apple made major headlines with the announcement of new wireless headphones, created to accompany the new cableless iPhone 7 and 7S models. But despite this revolutionary new design, consumers worldwide seemed wary about the potential to lose the $159 earbuds. In response to these concerns, Korean accessories company, Spigen has released the first unofficial accompaniment to the Apple AirPods — a small white cable that will serve to connect the two earbuds and allow users to wear the headphones around their necks. Priced at $10, the accessory cable promises to be "compact, lightweight, and extremely durable" as well as offer "premium housing with a wire holder attachment" that will allow the headphones to remain tangle-free. The cable will not offer any additional capabilities and will serve purely to alleviate the risk of loss or theft.

Ironically, the very nature of the earbud cable is in direct contrast to the purpose of Apple's earbuds, but consumer feedback on the product is already quite positive. The Spigen accessory cable is currently available on Amazon and is expected to ship on or around Oct. 17 — just a few weeks before the official release of Apple's AirPods.

Image: © Spigen.