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Amazon Echo Heads to Europe this Month

Amazon Echo Heads to Europe this Month
Amazon's Echo will finally be available in Germany and the U.K., two years after its U.S. launch.

(CCM) — Alexa is finally spreading her wings and is heading for the old world some two years after she was launched in the U.S., Amazon announced today. The artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant first appeared in Amazon's Echo product in 2014, but until now, the Echo and other products that feature Alexa have only been available in North America. However, later this month the Echo and Dot — a cut-down version of the Echo — will be available to Amazon Prime customers in the U.K. and Germany. The delay in bringing Alexa to Europe is believed to be due to difficulties in catering to the many different languages, dialects, accents, and local interests present in each European country. Germany (with a population of 80 million) and the UK (with a population of 65 million) are natural choices for a European launch as they are two of the largest and wealthiest European countries. "Millions across the US have already fallen in love with Alexa. And, predictably, she’s even more likable with a British accent," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and chief executive officer.

Amazon has not revealed the number of Echo units that it has sold since launch, but analysts suggest that the figure may be as high as 3 million, earning the company $500 million in sales of the hardware itself. The device may also stimulate sales of products on Amazon because it allows Amazon Prime members to reorder items using just their voices.

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