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Google Drops Android YouTube Limitation

Google Drops Android YouTube Limitation
Google Chrome Beta users no longer face YouTube sound cutout when using other Android apps.

(CCM) — Android users can now run apps on their phones while listening to YouTube in the background, thanks to an update to Google's Chrome browser. In earlier versions of the browser, YouTube video playback and audio content pause automatically whenever a new app is opened or the user switches to the home screen. But in Chrome Beta for Android version 54, which is rolling out now, the soundtrack to a running YouTube video continues to play in the background, allowing users to run their apps with a musical accompaniment of their choices.

According to a Tech Times report the ability to play YouTube videos in the background was previously a feature of YouTube Red — a subscription service offered by Google in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand — which also allows subscribers to watch YouTube content without advertisements. It is not yet known whether Google intends to preserve this function or remove it when the finished version of Chrome for Android version 54 is released. Other changes in Chrome Beta for Android version 54 include a redesigned New Tab page that no longer shows the Bookmarks and Recent Tabs shortcuts and content recommendations similar to those offered by the company's "Google Now" feature.

Image: © Google.
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