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Opera Browser Offers Free 'No-Log' VPN

Paul Rubens - September 20, 2016 - 11:17 AM
Opera Browser Offers Free 'No-Log' VPN
The browser-maker has introduced a no-cost "no-log" VPN service with Opera 40, the latest version of its product.

(CCM) — Opera has laid down the gauntlet to other browser makers with the introduction of a free VPN service in Opera 40, the latest version of its desktop browser. Previously, a more restricted free VPN service was only available in the developer version of its browser. A VPN routes the browser's internet traffic through a secure encrypted connection to an Opera server in one of five countries around the world, which can provide better security and privacy for the user. A side effect of this is that it can make the user appear to be surfing from another country, making it possible for them to access content that is restricted to that country. Opera promises that the VPN is a "no-log" service, which means that law enforcement agencies should be unable to get any information about a user's browsing history even if they examine one of Opera's servers.

In Opera 40, users can select whether they want to turn on the VPN for all sites that they visit with the browser or only when browsing in a private Window. Opera's VPN servers are located in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and the U.S. Opera's free VPN is an alternative to subscription VPN services, which are typically available for about $7.50 per month. Other features introduced in Opera 40 include an updated browser engine, Chromecast support, and an automatic battery saving mode.

Image: © Opera.
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