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Western Digital Unveils Monster SD Card

Paul Rubens - September 20, 2016 - 11:54 AM
Western Digital Unveils Monster SD Card
The storage company's SanDisk subsidiary has shown off an SD card with a storage capacity of 1 TB.

(CCM) — Western Digital has announced the world's first SD card capable of storing an astonishing 1 TB of data. The SanDisk-branded 1TB SDXC card, which is about the size of a postage stamp, has been designed to appeal to video enthusiasts and professional moviemakers who need to deal with the huge files that are generated when filming using 4K or 8K recording equipment. Higher capacity cards allow them to film for longer without the interruption of swapping out cards. Other applications include 360 video, virtual reality applications, and video surveillance, the company says. Western Digital has not released pricing information, but the card is likely to cost around $300.

SD card capacities have been increasing at an almost incredible rate: 16 years ago, SanDisk introduced the world's first 64 MB SD card, and just two years ago the company introduced a record-breaking 512 GB card. The company says it was able to double the storage capacity to 1 TB using its own proprietary technology. The increase in SD card capacities has been mirrored in the solid state drive (SSD) market, where new technologies such as triple-level cells and 3D-NAND have enabled manufacturers, such as Seagate, to demonstrate 60 TB SSDs.

Image: © Western Digital.
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