Tinder Hooks Up with Spotify

Tinder Hooks Up with Spotify
Tinder has joined forces with Spotify to bring its users better matches based on their common music interests.

(CCM) — On Tuesday, Tinder unveiled a new partnership with Spotify that would bring users' favorite tunes to their Tinder profiles. The new feature, which was announced via blog post on both companies' websites, allows each user to choose an "Anthem" that they'd like to broadcast from their profile as well as display and listen to their top artists from their Spotify accounts. Tinder will also show users the artists that they and their matches have in common — a feature that joins the lineup of Tinder's matching tool updates, which includes mutual friends and common interests (both thanks to Tinder's partnership with Facebook). Tinder powered by Spotify is already usable in all 59 markets where Tinder is available.

The matchmaker's partnership with Spotify is not the first time that it has made an effort to branch out from its origins in fast romance. In July, the company announced a project called Tinder Social, an offshoot of the dating service that focused more on fostering casual group meet-ups for friends.

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