Instagram Rolls Out 'Save Draft' Feature

Instagram Rolls Out 'Save Draft' Feature
Instagram has finally rolled out its long-awaited 'Save Draft' feature to all of its users.

(CCM) — After being spotted earlier this year during its testing phase, Instagram's Save Draft feature is now fully available to all of the service's users. The announcement, which was made on Instagram's Twitter account on Tuesday, puts a moratorium on user frustration caused by losing a photo in the middle of the editing process because the photo was not posted in time. Moving forward, before users completely abandon a post that they've started, Instagram will prompt them to choose to Save Draft or discard completely. To locate their drafts, all that users have to do is head to their libraries, where they will find a new section titled "Drafts."

Instagram appears to have plans for significant changes to its service. In August, the company unveiled its "Stories" feature, which was lambasted for being too similar to Snapchat's feature of the same name. It allows users to draw on and add text and stickers to their photos as well as create a "Story" that lasts only 24 hours full of their photos and videos. The app also recently rolled out an automatic translation capability.

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