Waze to End Mobile Map Tunnel Blackouts

Waze to End Mobile Map Tunnel Blackouts
Waze has set out to eliminate the loss of GPS signals when drivers pass through tunnels with the use of beacons.

(CCM) — Waze is interested in doing away with GPS blind spots for drivers by installing beacons in tunnels all over the world, according to reports by Business Insider. The navigation innovator plans to install low-cost, battery-powered beacons that communicate map connections to smartphones and tablets in tunnels that Waze has documented in its database. The technology depends on Bluetooth connectivity and has the potential to strengthen GPS weak spots in tunnels across about 7,500 miles around the world. It has already established beacons in tunnels in Pittsburgh and in Israel, which were activated on Wednesday, and the company has plans to install others in Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Each beacon comes at a cost of about $1,200 and Waze has projected that a total of 42 of them will be needed to cover every mile within a tunnel. The company's ultimate goal is to convince all tunnel operators in the world to buy and install the beacons, an offer that is likely sweetened by the fact that each beacon is guaranteed under warranty for four years.

Image: © dennizn - Shutterstock.com