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YouTube 'Heroes' Scrub Comment Sections

YouTube 'Heroes' Scrub Comment Sections
YouTube has rolled out a program that rewards its users for getting rid of offensive content in comment sections.

(CCM) — YouTube has rolled out a new program, called YouTube Heroes, that enlists its users to moderate offensive content in comment sections. While users have always had the power to flag comments as inappropriate and in violation of the site's Community Guidelines, the program now rewards the so-called "heroes" with points that they can eventually exchange for perks. The more points that participants earn by flagging videos, adding video subtitles and captions, and posting in the YouTube Help forum, the closer that they get to achieving level-5 status — the program's highest possible level. These perks include moderating tools, like being able to mass-flag videos, moderate content in the YouTube Heroes community, "contact YouTube staff directly," and apply for the Heroes Summit, which has not yet been elaborated upon.

This initiative is most likely in response to YouTube's growing issue with bullying, hate speech, and pornographic content; and is not the first time that the company has taken a similar step. In August, Google — YouTube's parent company — began cracking down on bullies in its virtual reality games. Punishments for aggressive behavior in the online games included blacking out offenders from the view of other players and blocking them from playing at all.

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