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Here Plans Live Car Data Network

Here Plans Live Car Data Network
The mapping company aims to collect data from millions of cars to provide live driving information and alerts.

(CCM) — German mapping company Here plans to use live data collected by BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen vehicles in real time as they drive around to share information about parking spaces and road repairs and to issue traffic and weather alerts, the company has announced. The new service, to be launched next year, will collect data that includes information about when brakes are applied, windshield wipers are activated, and headlights switched on. This data will be processed and then supplied to other vehicles as they pass nearby. Unlike Waze, the community mapping service, users will not have to submit information manually. Instead, vehicles that are equipped with Here's Open Location Platform will send and receive data and alerts automatically.

Here was sold to BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen for about $3 billion by Nokia in 2015. Although the platform will initially be restricted to these three manufacturers, it will be opened to other car makers in the future, the company says. Further into the future, the data-gathering network could be used by self-driving cars to help them make decisions about routes and to keep them informed about road conditions.

Image: © Here.
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