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Google in Music Piracy Spotlight

Paul Rubens - September 27, 2016 - 07:10 AM
Google in Music Piracy Spotlight
Google searches provide links to sites that allegedly pirate music from its YouTube video streaming service.

(CCM) — Google's YouTube has been put firmly in the spotlight as a source of pirated music downloads thanks to legal action instigated by some of the world's largest music labels, according to a BBC report. Universal, Sony, Warner Bros, and others are suing a German company behind YouTube-mp3.org, a web service that rips the music from legal YouTube music videos and converts the data into MP3 files. Users of the service can then download and keep the music files without paying anything. YouTube makes the music videos available to its users for viewing and listening online, but not for copying and downloading. The group of record companies is seeking damages that include $150,000 for every alleged instance of piracy, according to the BBC.

Currently a search for "youtube mp3 converter" in Google produces dozens of results, which include YouTube-mp3.org and other sites which offer similar services. The music labels involved in the legal action are also asking the court to forbid web hosts, advertisers, and other third parties from making it easy to find YouTube-mp3.org, and this could involve requiring Google to delete links to the site from its search results.

Image: © Denis-Linine - Shutterstock.com
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