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iPhone 7 Users Drill Holes in Phones

iPhone 7 Users Drill Holes in Phones
A YouTube video is encouraging people to believe that a simple hardware hack will enable a hidden audio jack.

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(CCM) — iPhone 7 users who are frustrated at the device's lack of a headphone jack are resorting to drilling holes in the phones with a 3.5mm drill bit. Some users may be making a hole in the mistaken belief that it will reveal a concealed headphone jack. The idea may have been started by a hoax video made by a YouTube user called TechRax, titled, "Secret Hack To Get Headpbone Jack on the iPhone." In the video, he places an iPhone 7 in a vice, drills a hole in it, and then plugs in a pair of standard headphones. The phone continues to function, and TechRax claims that the headphones produce music.

The video has already been viewed more than eleven million times, but it appears from the comments that some users did not realize that the video was a hoax and have tried to drill holes in their iPhone 7s themselves. This has apparently left some users with devices that no longer work. Other comments were less serious, including one user who posted that, to carry out the hack, "you need the iDrill and iBit. Both sold separately."

Image: © TechRax.
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