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Amazon Testing In-Home Deliveries

Amazon Testing In-Home Deliveries
According to new reports, the e-comm giant is partnering up with smart lock companies to test in-home delivery.

(CCM) — Amazon has been ramping up its delivery options over the past year, and now, the e-commerce giant is making itself at home. According to a new report by The Information, Amazon has partnered up with smart lock company August and garage door manufacturer Garageio to explore the possibility of making in-home deliveries when consumers are not home. The service would utilize both smart lock and smart door technology to allow delivery people access into a residence, where they could leave packages in an agreed upon area. Initial reports hint that this project is very much in its beta stage, hindered chiefly by safety concerns as well as an overall lack of homes using smart locks. While in-home delivery is currently far from being a profitable and practical option for a consumer audience, if successful, this service could ultimately save shipping companies a huge amount of money in inventory and transportation costs.

In recent years, Amazon has proven itself to be a strong and innovative competitor in the parcel-delivery sector. In July, the company announced that it had worked out a deal with the British government to begin testing of a new drone delivery service throughout Britain. Just two months later, Amazon also announced the launch of a new food delivery service for its Prime customers. In-home delivery is currently being tested in a small market in Seattle, WA, with no plans to roll out to the public anytime soon.

Image: © Jeramey Lende - Shutterstock.com
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