Google Assistant Learning Hindi

Google Assistant Learning Hindi
Google announced that it will introduce the Hindi version of its assistant to its new messenger, Allo.

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(CCM) — Google made several announcements during its Make for India event on Tuesday to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the company. Besides the launch of YouTube Go, the internet giant said that the Hindi version of its Allo assistant will be launched by year’s end in India, which was also the first country to receive Google Allo. "Smart Replies,” a feature that replies to all queries posed in English, is currently available to Allo users. With the inclusion of Hindi in the service, users can ask questions in both Hindi and Hinglish (a mixed dialect of Hindi and English). Amit Fulay, Google India’s Product Lead for Communication, also commented on privacy concerns, clarifying that all messages are encrypted in the app. "We know Indians love to chat,” he said in a statement on the app. “And this is why this product will be India-friendly."

Google made the Allo instant messaging app available globally for Android and iOS a few weeks back, and the company recently announced that the Google assistant will be made available in more of the company’s products very soon. However, no specific timeline has been released thus far.

Image: © Google.