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Panasonic Wows Japan with Bendy Battery

Paul Rubens - October 4, 2016 - 12:12 PM
Panasonic Wows Japan with Bendy Battery
Panasonic has unveiled a flexible lithium ion battery that can be bent repeatedly without adverse effects.

(CCM) — The idea of a phone that can be rolled up when not in use is an alluring one, and the idea has come one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to an innovation from Panasonic unveiled today. The BBC reports that the company has shown off a flexible, bendable, lithium ion battery at the Ceatec technology fair in Japan, although its capacity is limited at this stage in its development. That means that it would be unsuitable for power-hungry devices, like smartphones, but well suited for devices with lower energy requirements, like watches, fitness bands, and other wearable devices. The battery is 0.55 mm (0.22 inches) thick and can be bent up to 25 degrees. The company claims that the battery, which will be available toward the end of the month, will "retain its characteristics" even after being repeatedly bent, according to the BBC.

Although a bendable battery would be an important component of a phone that can be rolled up, many other components — most notably the screen — would have to be redesigned in order to be flexible. Samsung is believed to be working on a flexible phone with a possible launch date as early as February 2017, and patent documents appear to show designs for a rolled up smartphone.

Image: © Anton Watman - Shutterstock.com
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