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Amazon Bans 'Incentivized' Reviews

Olivia Long - October 4, 2016 - 02:49 PM
Amazon Bans 'Incentivized' Reviews
Amazon has updated its community guidelines to reflect that it would no longer accept reviews of free products.

(CCM) — For products on Amazon, reviews are everything, and the retail giant is aware of this. On Monday, Amazon added to its community guidelines the fact that it would henceforth ban so-called "incentivized reviews," or online feedback of products that have been provided to the reviewer for free. While Amazon has always discouraged compensation in exchange for reviews, it never expressly banned reviews of gifted products as long as this fact was made clear.

Moving forward, incentivized reviews — which, according to the company, represent "only a tiny fraction of the tens of millions of reviews on Amazon" — that are not part of Amazon's Vine program will be removed. (Amazon Vine was launched by the company several years ago and was designed to be a place for the exact type of review being banned in regular Amazon product commentary.) Old paid-for reviews as well as critique of advance copies of books provided for free will still, however, be left up on the site.

Image: © Yeamake - Shutterstock.com
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