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Samsung Acquires App by Siri Creators

Samsung Acquires App by Siri Creators
Samsung has snagged Viv, an AI voice assistant crafted by the creators of Apple's Siri.

(CCM) — Samsung is joining the advanced artificial intelligence game with its new acquisition of Viv, an assistant built by Viv Labs founder Dag Kittlaus. If the name sounds familiar, that's because Kittlaus is also the inventor behind Apple's Siri voice assistant. And now, his creation Viv is poised to change the future of Samsung — which, compared to Apple's 2011 integration of Siri — has noticeably lagged in the adoption of an assistant more advanced than its current S-Voice. Among its many features, Viv is designed to be able to conduct natural, lengthy conversations with its users. "We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of AI, and show the rest of the industry what the smart, connected world can look like," Jacopo Lenzi, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions, said in a statement quoted by the Washington Post.

This announcement comes on the heels of the company's scandal around the exploding batteries in its Note7 phones. Samsung officially launched a complete recall of the device in September, following multiple customer complaints as well as several warnings by airline companies.

Image: © TK Kurikawa - Shutterstock.com
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