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Spotify Users Hit by Malware Attack

Spotify Users Hit by Malware Attack
Spotify users have been subjected to advertisements containing malware for a second time, according to a report.

(CCM) — Music fans listening to Spotify's subscription-free service have been hit by a plague of virus-infested pop-up web pages, according to a BBC report. The problem has been caused by malvertising: rogue advertisements that appear in Spotify that open up the malicious web pages. This is the second time that Spotify users have fallen victim to malvertising after its advertising network distributed similarly malicious ads in 2011. In a statement, the company said, "We have now identified the source of the problem and shut it down," according to the BBC. It is not known how many people fell victim to the malvertising — if any — but the company said that it was continuing to monitor the advertisements that appear in its software.

Malvertising is a rapidly growing problem, because criminals can take advantage of the large scale of many popular web advertising networks to distribute their malicious code, hidden in advertisements, to large numbers of people very quickly. In a report last year, security company Bromium said that at least 27% of the most popular web sites on the internet were delivering malware through malicious advertisements. It added that the malvertising problem is likely to increase until the advertising industry takes more proactive steps to curb it.

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