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Google Unveils One-Size-Fits-All Font

Olivia Long - October 7, 2016 - 10:15 AM
Google Unveils One-Size-Fits-All Font
Google has teamed up with Monotype to release a nearly-universal font called Noto.

(CCM) — On Friday, Google announced on its website Google Noto Fonts, a font type family that is useable in over 800 languages and across 100 writing scripts, reports Business Wire. The project, which is the product of a five-year partnership between Google and Monotype, is an initiative to remove the pervasive "tofu" character that appears in place of unrecognizable text on a device. Even the font family's name, Noto, is a reference to the phenomenon — it is derived from the phrase and project mantra, "No more tofu." On a larger scale, Noto is an effort to facilitate communication across borders, languages, cultures, and time periods.

"Our goal for Noto has been to create fonts for our devices, but we’re also very interested in keeping information alive. When it comes to some of these lesser used languages or even the purely academic or dead languages, we think it’s really important to preserve them," said Bob Jung, Google's Director of Internationalization. Work on the font family is continuous, as new scripts are added to the Unicode Standard, a coding system that determines which characters and languages can be displayed and used on a computer. Google Noto is downloadable for free on Google's official site.

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