iOS 10 Adopted at Record Rate

iOS 10 Adopted at Record Rate
Apple's latest iOS 10 update has seen record uptake rates since its Sept. 13 release.

(CCM) — Apple seems to have honed it on what it takes to get its customers to adopt its updates as fast as possible, with its latest version of iOS seeing quicker uptake rates than ever before. According to reports by Business Insider UK quoting tracking firms Mixpanel and Fiksu DSP, the software is estimated to have been downloaded onto between 65.21% and 66.7% of Apple devices — that's roughly two-thirds of all iOS devices updated in just 27 days. Compared to its opponent Android, which saw a mere 0.1% adoption rate in the weeks following the release of its latest Nougat operating system, Apple is head and shoulders above the competition.

Apple's recently-released iPhone 7 comes equipped with iOS 10 and, therefore, influences the statistics. However, it is unlikely that the iPhone 7 is responsible for much of iOS 10's success. In fact, Business Insider UK estimates that the iPhone's 7 biggest impact on the rate of adoption came in the form of users' hesitance to upgrade to iOS if they were likely to purchase the new release. Ultimately, lackluster reviews of the device are thought to be behind the surge in almost double the amount of upgrades following the 15-day mark after the OS' rollout.

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