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Google Assistant to Get Sense of Humor

Google Assistant to Get Sense of Humor
Google has reportedly hired a group of comedy writers to introduce a humor quotient to its assistant.

(CCM) — Internet giant Google has allegedly hired a bunch of comic writers from The Onion and Pixar to give its virtual assistant feature a sense of humor. Google’s Assistant will also focus on details like answering questions with a realistic human tone, which is in line with the company’s desire to “build an emotional connection” with the user. Despite being efficient, the assistant is lacking a “human touch” in its replies, which could help the platform grow beyond the restrictions of merely an exchange of information. And if the previous work of The Onion and Pixar workers is any indication of the future of Google’s Assistant, users should expect quite the clever bot to come out of the reported collaboration.

Assistant was launched this year at Google IO conference and officially launched as a built-in feature in its instant messenger app Allo. So far, in comparison to its rivals like Siri and Cortana, Google’s Assistant is much more mechanical. Reports by the Wall Street Journal say that Amazon is also trying to improve the conversation skills of its assistant Alexa.

Image: © Google.
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