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Yahoo Accused of Trapping Users

Olivia Long - October 11, 2016 - 02:25 PM
Yahoo Accused of Trapping Users
Yahoo has been accused of disabling users' email forwarding ability in a effort to track them on the service.

(CCM) — With recent reports that Yahoo had been linked to a U.S. government spy program as well as a massive data leak, what the tech giant needed least was yet another scandal. However, claims that Yahoo has been systematically preventing users from migrating from its email service may prove to be just that. According to reports by the Associated Press, the ubiquitous email forwarding feature has disappeared from Yahoo's email options, a move that some of its customers feel has trapped them from moving to rival services in the wake of Yahoo's recent woes.

"This is all extremely suspicious timing," says one user quoted by AP. Yahoo has declined to comment on the allegations that its disabling of the email forwarding feature was tied to the scandals and has only assured users that the move is temporary "while [it works] to improve it." In addition to the potential loss of customers, the hacking and surveillance upsets could also cost Yahoo as much as $1 billion in a forthcoming deal to sell the company to Verizon.

Image: © Roman Pyshchyk - Shutterstock.com
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