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Google Photos Gets AI Injection

Google Photos Gets AI Injection

Google has added three new features powered by artificial intelligence to its Photos service.

(CCM) — Google has injected more artificial intelligence into Google Photos, enabling three new smart capabilities, the company announced today. Arguably the most impressive is a feature that uses facial recognition when users add new photos of people to resurface photos of the same people taken in the past.

The second feature examines the photos that a user takes and occasionally offers a selection of what Google considers to be the best ones from the last month on a specific subject. As an example, Google says that if a user takes a large number of photos of a baby, then Google Photos may produce a selection of the best baby photos taken during the month. The final new feature is the ability to make animated GIFs from the most interesting parts of users’ videos. Google's artificial intelligence will identify segments of a video that capture activity — such as a jump in a swimming pool — to turn into the GIF. Google Photos now also uses artificial intelligence to detect photos that have been uploaded on their sides and offers to rotate them to their correct orientations.

Image: © dennizn - Shutterstock.com
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