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iPhone 7 Sales May Explode

Paul Rubens - October 13, 2016 - 08:10 AM
iPhone 7 Sales May Explode
Apple could sell as many as eight million extra iPhone 7s in the fallout of the Note7 debacle, an expert predicts.

(CCM) — Apple may have to scramble to cope with unexpectedly high demand for its iPhone 7 phones thanks to the demise of Samsung's Galaxy Note7. Sales expectations for Apple's new phones were low because it shared the same design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, but now some commentators are expecting Apple to sell millions of extra iPhones this year, according to a Tech Times report. "We believe Apple has an opportunity to pick up at least 8 million incremental units in calendar year 2016," an analyst at Drexel Hamilton is quoted in the report. The analyst added that the cancellation of the Note7 provides a huge opportunity for Apple to gain market share at the expense of Android. Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei is also poised to roll out its Mate 9 to try to fill the void left by the Note7.

The extra demand for iPhone 7s as a result of Samsung's misfortunes has already resulted in the handsets being in short supply. Stocks of both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are low on Apple’s online store, and the large iPhone 7 Plus was showing shipping estimates of several weeks at one point, according to Tech Times.

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