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Facebook Enables Casting from Apps

Paul Rubens - October 14, 2016 - 08:49 AM
Facebook Enables Casting from Apps
Facebook users can now cast videos to a TV while reading news stories or commenting on their phone.

(CCM) — Facebook has unveiled a new feature for its mobile apps that allows users to stream video clips via Apple TV, AirPlay devices, Google's Chromecast, and Google Cast devices directly to a TV. The streaming capability is already enabled in Facebook’s iOS app and will be available in its Android app soon, according to Brent Ayrey, the company's product director. Users can watch video from Facebook on a TV by pressing the TV symbol in the top-right corner of a video in the Facebook app and then selecting the device to which they want the video to stream, Ayrey explained.

While watching Facebook videos on a TV, users can continue to scroll through the News Feed in the app to read other stories while the video keeps playing on the TV. Users can also watch Facebook Live streams on a TV with real-time reactions and comments on the screen and join the conversation by commenting using the mobile app. The new feature puts Facebook on an even footing with competitors like Google's YouTube and Twitter's Periscope, which already offer ways to stream video content to TV screens. Facebook added the ability to stream video from its iPad app via AirPlay as long ago as 2011.

Image: © Facebook.
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