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Samsung Debuts Superchip Technology

Paul Rubens - October 17, 2016 - 09:33 AM
Samsung Debuts Superchip Technology
Samsung has started using a new technology that results in faster, less power-hungry mobile device processors.

(CCM) — Samsung has begun manufacturing processors using a new technology called 10 nanometer (nm) FinFET that will enable it to make ultra-powerful chips for mobile devices and hinted that it will be used to make the processors that power next year's Galaxy S8 phone. The new technology allows Samsung to make chips with a 3D transistor structure and other enhancements that give them a 27% performance boost and result in 40% lower power consumption compared to chips made with Samsung's older 14 nm technology.

The company said that mobile processors made using the new technology will be used in digital devices launching early next year. This would coincide with the expected launch of the Galaxy S8, which will need a powerful processor if rumors that it will support a 4K display prove to be true. Samsung also announced that it is planning to start production of even more powerful chips using an improved version of its 10 nm production process in the second half of next year. In the past, the company has released new versions of its flagship Galaxy Note products in the latter half of each year, but Samsung has not announced whether it plans to continue the Note series after abandoning the Note7 for safety reasons.

Image: © TK Kurikawa - Shutterstock.com
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