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Apple Scraps Car Plans

Apple Scraps Car Plans
Apple has decided not to press ahead with plans to build its own self-driving car, according to a report.

(CCM) — Apple has abandoned plans to build its own car and has slashed jobs in its automotive group, according to a Bloomberg report. Sources close to the project say that hundreds of members of the car team, which has about 1,000 members, have been reassigned or made redundant, while others have left. The initiative, known as Project Titan, is now working on the development of an autonomous driving system which could be licensed to other car makers or used in a future Apple car. New people have been taken on to further this aim, according to another Bloomberg source.

Apple's senior management has given the team a year to prove that Project Titan is worth pursuing and to decide whether a finished system should be licensed or used as the basis of an Apple car, according to the report. Apple has never officially confirmed or denied the existence of Project Titan, but it is believed that one aim when it was established was to help the company retain talented engineers who were looking for more exciting work than making annual updates to existing products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

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