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IBM's Watson to Decode Medical Enigmas

Paul Rubens - October 18, 2016 - 12:06 PM
IBM's Watson to Decode Medical Enigmas
IBM is hoping its Watson artificial intelligence platform will crack medical cases that have left doctors stumped.

(CCM) — IBM's Watson artificial intelligence system will be put to work to attempt to diagnose diseases that have baffled medical professionals, according to a BBC report. The system has been installed at the Undiagnosed and Rare Diseases Centre at the University Hospital in Marburg, Germany. Patients at the hospital often have very long medical histories and may have been seen by up to 40 physicians who have been unable to make a diagnosis, according to a doctor quoted in the report. Watson will be provided with all of the patients' medical files along with medical literature and then attempt to offer a number of diagnoses ranked by likelihood. The hospital is using the Watson system on a trial basis until the end of the year and will give it 500 cases to see how successful it is at making accurate diagnoses.

Artificial intelligence systems, like Watson, are likely to be increasingly important to the medical profession because of their ability to absorb vast amounts of information and make correlations between seemingly unconnected symptoms to make a diagnosis. Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence platform has also been put to work in a number of hospitals in the U.K.

Image: © IBM.
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