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Qualcomm Unveils X50, Its First 5G Modem

Olivia Long - October 18, 2016 - 01:38 PM
Qualcomm Unveils X50, Its First 5G Modem
Qualcomm has unveiled its first 5G modem, which promises unprecedented internet speeds.

(CCM) — On Monday, American telecom company Qualcomm announced the rolling out its first 5G modem, the Snapdragon X50. The timing of the unveiling is interesting, considering the fact that constraints for 5G connectivity still have yet to be officially defined. Still, the offer is tempting. Qualcomm's modem boasts unparalleled download speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which are achievable thanks to wide bandwidths in the 28 GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) band, among other elements. The modem also depends on multi-element antenna arrays, which use beamforming and beam tracking technologies, bringing connectivity to even the most hard-to-reach areas. In the event of a 5G signal failure, Qualcomm's LTE support will step in to provide coverage.

Sampling for the Snapdragon X50 is set to begin in the second half of 2017, with the first products integrating it expected to be released throughout 2018. Throughout this year, reports of telecom leaders testing 5G capability have been continuously cropping up. Among the companies showing interest in one day integrating the technology are AT&T and Verizon.

Image: © Qualcomm.
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