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Messenger Rolls Out AI Personal Shoppers

Messenger Rolls Out AI Personal Shoppers
Facebook, eBay, and Shopbot have teamed up to bring contextual search shopping capabilities to the Messenger app.

(CCM) — Facebook has taken on a lot of roles since its launch, evolving from a university-specific social network into a fully robust social platform that connects over one billion users worldwide. And today, the social network is adding another feature to its long list of current offerings: in-app shopping experts, known as 'Shopbot bots.' Launched in partnership with eBay, the new feature combines artificial intelligence technology with cloud computing to identify key terms in Messenger conversations and then comb eBay listings to find possible products of interest. Users also have the possibility of searching for listings more directly through the use of text, speech, or photos. "Finding items that are perfect for you and your budget can be time consuming," noted RJ Pittman, eBay's Chief Product Officer. "At eBay, our focus is to help shoppers find their version of perfect and simplify the shopping experience."

eBay ShopBot is currently launched in beta, which means that many of its features and functions are still in development. According to reports, the eBay Shopbot product team is gearing up for a more robust launch in the early days of the holiday season to help make online shopping "a little more fun." This eBay Shopbot launch is one of two major AI integrations done by Messenger this year. Back in May, Messenger also partnered with Skyscanner to integrate travel booking capabilities into the platform.

Image: © Denys Prykhodov - Shutterstock.com
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