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Instagram Adds 'Stories' to Explore Tab

Instagram Adds 'Stories' to Explore Tab
Instagram aims to make it easier to discover interesting user 'stories' and halt a decline in sharing.

(CCM) — Instagram is intensifying its battle for supremacy over Snapchat by introducing "Stories" to its Explore tab. Instagram introduced Snapchat-style "Stories" to its app two months ago, and by putting them on its Explore tab now, it hopes to expose them to the 100 million people that visit the tab each day to browse photos and videos from accounts that they do not follow. This gives Instagram an advantage over Snapchat, because Snapchat has yet to offer its users an equivalent way to discover people who are sharing interesting content. Previously, this was not an issue for Snapchat because its app was originally designed to allow sharing between friends and family members, but that has now changed thanks to Snapchat's inclusion of public content, brand networks, and live events.

Instagram's move is also intended to encourage its users to share more content in an attempt to halt a decline in sharing on the service. Its strategy is in sharp contrast to Snapchat's, which encourages its younger user base to share pictures by offering novelty features, like face-altering filters. "Stories" on the Explore tab are rolling out on Android and iOS now.

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