Apple Could Unveil New Macs This Month

Apple Could Unveil New Macs This Month
An event announcement from Apple has fueled rumors that it is planning to uncover new Macs as soon as next week.

(CCM) — On Wednesday, Apple circulated an invitation to its Oct. 27 Keynote, which, like past events held by the company, will be live-streamed from its campus in Cupertino. According to reports by the International Business Times, the presentation will use Apple's proprietary HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology and will, therefore, only be compatible with certain Apple devices and Windows 10-powered PCs using the Edge browser. Apple has been characteristically cryptic about the subject of the Keynote. However, in recent months, rumors have been mounting that the tech giant will take this opportunity to launch a new line of Mac desktop and laptop computers, with the assumed star of the show being a revamped MacBook Pro.

The new generation MacBook Pro is rumored to boast a slimmer body than its predecessors, in addition to a Touch ID-based track pad; an auto-unlock feature; and a secondary display on the keyboard, which will display dynamic function key options relevant to a user's active apps. Apple is also expected to swap the MacBook Air's micro USB v2.0 port for a Type-C v3.0 port.

Image: © Apple.