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Nintendo Unveils Hybrid Game Platform

Nintendo Unveils Hybrid Game Platform
The Nintendo Switch can be used as a game console or a fully portable gaming device.

(CCM) — Nintendo's new gaming system is a game console that transforms into a handheld device, the company has revealed. The system, called Nintendo Switch, looks like a tablet that fits into a dock connected to a television screen when in game console mode. But when the tablet is removed from the dock and controllers are attached to its sides, it becomes a portable handheld games machine. Game software will be supplied in cartridges, or "carts," in the same way that they were on older Nintendo game systems.

Nintendo has not released full specifications for the device, which will be released in March 2017 and which was previously known as the NX, but the video indicates that up to four people can play on it at once. Nintendo has announced that Activision, Sega, EA Games, Ubisoft, and other leading games publishers will make titles for the new device. The company has already announced that a new game in its successful Legend of Zelda series will be released with the Switch, and it is also likely to offer a new Super Mario game as well. Two previous portable game systems made by Nintendo — the Gameboy and DS — sold more than 100 million units each.

Image: © Nintendo.
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