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Cyberattack Knocks Out Legion of Sites

Olivia Long - October 21, 2016 - 12:59 PM
Cyberattack Knocks Out Legion of Sites
Several popular websites were knocked offline due to a massive cyberattack on their web providers' DNS servers.

(CCM) — On Friday, complaints began surfacing that many websites — including Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, and Spotify — had gone offline. According to reports by the Wall Street Journal, Dyn, a key web technology provider whose services support connection to the likes of Twitter and Spotify, found a far-reaching distributed denial-of-service attack launched in the early morning hours to be the culprit. Denial of service attacks can succeed at making websites inaccessible by flooding them with junk information, thereby blocking the path for legitimate visitors to the site.

"We’re still digging into root cause, but ultimately it was limited to the East Coast of the U.S.," Adam Coughlin, a spokesman for Dyn, said. Amazon also reported service interruptions on its website caused by DNS troubles, though it was hesitant to disclose the specific cause or the perpetrator. However, chances are high that Amazon's own connectivity woes are linked to Dyn's DNS attack server, since the company revealed that its takedown occurred at the same time that Dyn's did. Both Dyn and Amazon claim to have resolved all DNS server issues.

Image: © welcomia - Shutterstock.com
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