Google Calls a Halt to Fiber Expansion

Google Calls a Halt  to Fiber Expansion
Google appears to be abandoning its Google Fiber expansion plans and laying off staff.

(CCM) — Google has abandoned its plans to extend its gigabit Google Fiber broadband service to new cities including Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix until further notice, according to Craig Barratt, the Google executive in charge of the service. Its Google Fiber offices in those cities will be "paused" and employees laid off, he said in a blog post. He explained that Google has changed its plans for the service, and instead of rolling it out to new cities in the near future, the company plans to focus on new technology and deployment methods "to make superfast internet more abundant than it is today." Existing services and ones under construction will not be impacted by the change in strategy.

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules in July to make more radio spectrum available for 5G wireless broadband, and it is likely that Google will be looking at wireless connections as an alternative to fiber to provide high speed internet access in some regions. The company is already testing the delivery of wireless broadband using antennas on light poles and other structures in eight districts of Kansas City not served by its existing Google Fiber service.

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