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Facebook Adds Snapchat-Style Filters

Facebook Adds Snapchat-Style Filters
Facebook users can now alter their appearance on live streams by applying Halloween themed 'masks.'

(CCM) — Facebook Live users can now add Snapchat-style selfie filters called "Masks" to their images, starting with Halloween-themed skeleton, evil queen, witch, and pumpkin effects. The introduction of the "masks" feature follows Facebook's March acquisition of Masquerade, a company that offered an app that allowed users to add filters to videos. Facebook may be hoping that, by introducing this type of feature, it can revitalize its service and attract younger users who like Snapchat's emphasis on fun and creative features. "Masks" also obscure users' faces, which means some users may be less hesitant to use Facebook Live because they are self-conscious about the way they look. To use a mask while live, users tap the magic wand in the left corner of the screen and select a mask icon at the bottom of the screen. The feature began rolling out today in the U.S., U.K., and New Zealand on iOS, with more countries and Android support to be added in the coming months.

Facebook is also launching a set of limited-edition reactions in a select but undisclosed set of countries in the days leading up to, and through, Halloween. These include a cackling witch to express laughter, a frowning Frankenstein to express sadness, and a scowling jack o'lantern to show anger. The Halloween reactions can be accessed by pressing or hovering over the "Like" button.

Image: © Facebook.
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