Earphones that Sense Stress and Send SOS

Earphones that Sense Stress and Send SOS
A group of Indian engineering students have created a set of earphones that detect pain and send stress signals.

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(CCM) — Four Indian engineering students — Nitin Vasanth, Fausya Amalh, Athul B Raj, and George Mathew — have created a special set of earbuds that can detect pain and send SOS messages in case of emergency. Known as Neurobuds, the earphones are a wearable device that uses electroencephalogram technology, interacting as a medium between user’s brain and a connected smartphone. They can detect pain by analyzing brain wave data patterns, which trigger an SOS in the event of an emergency situation. After the device triggers a panic signal, users have ten seconds to dismiss it; if they do not, the authorities will be contacted. The students began developing the solution after one of their friends became a victim of sexual harassment, which motivated them to design a better solution for the safety of Indian women.

"The device uses four electrodes that go inside both ears. It samples data and feeds it to the smartphone that runs an app we’ve developed. The app then processes the data with algorithms we wrote," Mathew told a newspaper. "The biggest challenge was to simulate panic. You can do it partially with virtual reality headsets or by getting people to jump. Still, it’s not real panic. We tested the device on a lot of people to drastically bring down the false positives," he explained. The device, which can also detect sleep and be used for the general monitoring of a user’s mental state, was the winner of the Innovation to Empower Women award.

Image: © Tusumaru - Shutterstock.