Facebook App Download Cripples iPhones

Facebook App Download Cripples iPhones
Downloading the latest version of Facebook's app may render iPhones unusable, according to a report.

(CCM) — The latest update to Facebook's iOS app is crippling some iPhones, causing the devices to crash and then freeze at the Apple logo after they reboot, according to a report in Tech Times. The flaw is unusual in that it appears to be triggered when a Facebook update is begun rather than when the app is launched. So far, the problem has only been reported to effect Apple's iPhone SE and 6s models, but others may also be susceptible to the problem.

The good news for affected iPhone users is that the problem can be fixed by connecting their phones to Apple's iTunes and carrying out an operating system restore. However, this results in the loss of any data on the phone (such as photographs) that have not been backed up. If the phone had previously been jailbroken, then a software restore will also result in the loss of the jailbreak and the ability to run any software that relies on the jailbreak, because it updates the phone to iOS 10.1, which cannot yet be jailbroken. Tech Times added that some users have experienced a drop in their phones' performance after iOS 10.1 has been installed.

Image: © Bloomua - Shutterstock.com