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Google Turbocharges Chrome

Paul Rubens - November 1, 2016 - 12:32 PM
Google Turbocharges Chrome
Google is using Microsoft technology to try to give its Chrome browser a leg up on Microsoft's Edge.

(CCM) — The next version of Google's Chrome web browser will get a massive 15% speed boost, which will be a significant benefit in its ongoing battle with Microsoft and others for browser supremacy. But ironically, the speed boost is largely due to Google implementing technology developed by Microsoft, called Profile Guided Optimization (PGO.) The technology speeds up startup times by 17%, new tab load times by almost 15%, and overall page load times by 6%, according to Google's Sebastien Marchand on the company's Chromium blog.

"Chrome is a huge software project with more than a million functions in its source code. Not all functions are equal — some are called frequently, while others are rarely used," explains Marchand. Google has a special version of Chrome that tracks how often those functions are used. What PGO does is optimize the most used functions for speed — even if that increases the number of lines of code required — and balances this by optimizing the less frequently used functions so that they use fewer lines of code, even if they run slightly slower. The result is a web browser that offers better performance and takes up less storage space on a computer or mobile device.

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