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Facebook Launches Gaming Platform

Facebook Launches Gaming Platform
Facebook is seeking to establish Gameroom as a major gaming platform to rival Valve's Steam.

(CCM) — Facebook has set itself on a collision course with Valve's Steam with the launch of a new PC gaming platform called Gameroom. The free Gameroom application for Windows computers provides access to web and portable mobile games as well as new titles developed specially for the Gameroom platform without cluttering up a user's Facebook newsfeed. When a user selects a Gameroom game, it is downloaded on to their computer to run, but they have to be logged in to their Facebook account to play. This means that it is (currently) not possible to play offline. At the moment, all games are free and users can browse them by category before choosing one to play. Any Gameroom-compatible titles that a user already plays on Facebook are also highlighted to make it easy for a user to find.

Facebook used to be a major gaming destination with millions of users playing titles such as Farmville and Bejeweled Blitz. But in the last few years, these sorts of games have moved to mobile devices, and Facebook's importance as a gaming platform has dwindled. If Facebook is successful with Gameroom, it could generate significant revenue by taking a cut of game sales.

Image: © Facebook.
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