Uber's Mobile App Gets Radical Facelift

Uber's Mobile App Gets Radical Facelift
Uber has rolled out a slew of updates for its app for the first time in four years.

(CCM) — On Wednesday, Uber began rolling out its majorly redesigned mobile app, which boasts a bevy of new features, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal. In addition to in-app access to Snapchat and Yelp restaurant reviews, the pumped up platform now times drop-off and pickup times based on users' ride histories. It also gives riders the option to sync the app with their calendars to mark event times and locations, making nabbing a taxi before a meeting a piece of cake. Other additions to the app include ideal pickup spot suggestions based on traffic patterns and user destinations as well as a section that displays timetables for public transportation, both inserted with ride efficiency in mind.

"When the app works better, I think people will engage in it more," said Uber's Chief Executive, Travis Kalanick. "That’s everything from load time to pickup, the basics. We’re going to create new experiences before, during, and after the ride." For Uber, whose mobile app has not seen this drastic of an overhaul since 2012, the move represents a growing desire to keep its users active in the app throughout their journeys. In short, Uber has set its sights on becoming much more than just a ride-hailing app; it is hoping to become central to its users' digital experiences as a whole.

Image: © Uber.