Xiaomi Launches Anti-Pollution Mask

Xiaomi Launches Anti-Pollution Mask
Chinese tech company Xiaomi launched an anti-pollution mask with a replaceable air filter.

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(CCM) — A month after launching an air purifier, Chinese tech company Xiaomi has introduced its first an anti-pollution mask with a built-in replaceable air filter. The Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask, which is a product of a crowdfunding project launched by the company and is available on its website for $13, aims to protect users from China’s rising air toxicity. It is handwoven and made from a high fiber fabric with an air filter attached to right side of the mask. The filter’s fan has three possible speeds as well as a power on/off button to control usage of the battery, which is a rechargeable polymer lithium-ion unit that fully charges in 3 to 5 hours. As a whole, the mask weighs in at around 50 grams and is only available in gray.

The mask has achieved a rating of PM2.5 filtration efficiency, which means that it can filter up to 99% of toxins in the air. While it is currently only available to the Chinese market, the company would be wise to explore launches in other countries suffering from air pollution crises. For example, China’s neighbor, India, is also suffering from rising PM2.5 levels in the air, and its national capital, New Delhi, topped the list of most polluted cities in the world.

Image: Xiaomi.