Twitter May Evade Vine Death with a Sale

Twitter May Evade Vine Death with a Sale
Twitter may ultimately choose to sell its popular video sharing app instead of killing it as planned.

(CCM) — Just two weeks after Twitter announced that it would be killing its Vine app within the coming months, word has surfaced that the social media giant is exploring selling the platform, instead. Twitter is reportedly reconsidering its decision to pull the plug on the app due to an outcry from users all over, citing the fact that Vine provided young people and minorities alike a platform to freely and openly express themselves. The sale of the app could prove to revive the service in a time when it struggled to stay afloat.

Twitter has yet to mention any interested parties by name, though it is said to currently be juggling negotiations with several potential buyers. However, according to anonymous sources quoted by Business Insider UK, decisionmakers at popular Japanese messaging service Line have reportedly shown interest in acquiring Vine. The sources quoted offers at under $10 million. Twitter has, however, declined to comment on the potential sale of the app.

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